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Just Sell Sanchez! Case Closed

The rumor of Alexis Sanchez transfer more become unexpected after he showed his picture that he was sick. Normally, Sanchez should join his team mate in the Arsenal training from long holiday after he played in Confederation Cup for Chile. But his sick's photo that he have been showed in the Twitter & Instagram make Arsenal fans feel bad with Sanchez's attitude.

Some Arsenal fans said Sanchez not going to the training is not cause of his sick. It's fake. This is may indicate Sanchez just to show that he not interest play for Arsenal in 2017/2018 season. He just want to quit from Arsenal. Just it. So, It's back to Arsene Wenger or Arsenal's Management. They want to keep Sanchez for this season but free for next season or they can sell him now and Arsenal can get some fresh money to player that have commitment to join with Arsenal.

Alexis Sanchez. Photo: Twitter/Arsenal TV

The commitment of Alexis Sanchez to play with Arsenal is over now. He always delay his sign for new contract with Arsenal. If he still commit with Arsenal, he should sign his contract over month ago. But the problem is he doesn't want to play with Arsenal. So, What the reason Arsenal or Arsene Wenger keeping this guy. The good choice is they sell Sanchez and get other player. That's it.

In the few months ago Sanchez's rumor is he want to get increase salary in Arsenal. The salary that he want to get is very high and can break Arsenal salary standard. Arsenal have offer Sanchez the amount of salary increase two time with salary he get before. But may be it's not enough for Sanchez. Then he said he need to play in the champion league as Arsenal will not play in this league for 2017/2018 season.

So, we have know there are two reasons why Sanchez want to get out from Arsenal. First, he want to get salary as high as possible, and the second, he want play in the champion league. It's back to Arsenal decision, if Arsenal sell Sanchez now they will get money but if they keep Sanchez it's possible Arsenal will loose him next year (ending of 2017/2018 season).

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