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How to get to Wakatobi

The Wakatobi are islands that located in south east Buton island, Indonesia. Wakatobi consist Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko island. They are four island which is located close each other. Most people know Wakatobi as a place to enjoy diving with beautiful view. There are several way to get to Wakatobi. You can go by ship or plane.

Map of Wakatobi Island

By Ship

If you want to go to Wakatobi by ship, the route of the ship depend on your location. You can start from harbour of Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya or anywhere close with your location. The harbour in Wakatobi is Wanci Harbour.

The route of the Ship from Jakarta is Jakarta - Semarang (Surabaya) - Makassar - Baubau - Wanci. If the ship transit in Semarang it's mean will not transit Surabaya and also if it transit in Surabaya it's means it will not transit in Semarang.

Sometimes the ship from Jakarta not transit in Wanci. After you arrived in Baubau, you need to buy another ship ticket from Baubau to Wanci. The harbour near from Wakatobi is Murhum harbour, which is located in Baubau, Buton Island. Make sure the ship that you  use is go to and transit in Murhum Harbour, Baubau.

By Plane

Using plane to get to Wakatobi is good way and fast. You can start from anywhere but make sure you get to Makassar, Baubau, or Kendari. If you start from Jakarta mostly you will transit in Makassar, Baubau and then get to Wanci (capital city of Wakatobi).

The route the plane from anywhere are:
Anywhere -  Makassar - Baubau - Wakatobi
Anywhere - Makassar - Kendari - Wakatobi

If any comment or question about how to get to Wakatobi, don't hesitate, just comment in the below. 

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